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About Little Volcanoes

All the children in order to LEARN need to be taught how to OBSERVE and EXPLORE things around them using all their senses. They should be involved in stimulating and fun hands-on activities where they can LOOK, LISTEN, TOUCH, TASTE, and SMELL everything possible because the more senses involved in learning the better understanding and lasting memory. IMAGINation is one of the most important qualities people need throughout their lives. If there was no imagination there would be no great inventions, breath-taking buildings or great pieces of music in the world. Therefore it is essential to create as many fun and imaginative learning opportunities for our children as possible. They should also be encouraged to ASK many questions and VERIFY their answers. Let’s open together the magical door in our children’s minds and hearts. Let’s NURTURE the most precious little people in our lives and let them ENJOY their learning so they can start COMMUNICATing their needs, express themselves and then easily SUCCEED in everything they do in their lives.

On this website you will find a lot of new ideas for your creative play and science projects with your little ‘highly explosive volcanoes’.  It’s the place where you can also find out all the information about our fun hands-on Little Volcanoes Science Clubs (and birthday parties with a difference) for children 2-8 years old.

And why we are called ‘Little Volcanoes’?

classBorn close to an extinct volcano, I have always been fascinated by those powerful mountains and their amazing power to change everything around. They can sleep peacefully for decades, hundreds or thousands years and then, all of a sudden, decide to demonstrate their power and make everyone aware of their importance and uniqueness.

Can you see any similarities with your little precious things running around you? They could easily change from a sweet dormant volcano to the most active and powerful wonder of nature and spit lava and ashes of anger when they don’t get what they want! They could sometimes be unpredictable and exhaust every living being around them. However, once they cooled down they are again your best and most fascinating things in the world you would not change for anything!

As you can see, volcanoes and little children can prepare a lot of surprises when we are not prepared. Whereas, it is very difficult to predict when a real a volcano erupts, we can watch for cues in the behaviour of our little ones to be able to prevent a meltdown.   

You will find a lot of hands-on activities, ideas and resources on our website which could help you to occupy your ‘little volcanoes’ for a long time. We will first concentrate on resources from Science but gradually resources from other areas will be added so please keep on checking.


We will also share some tips how to deal with a ‘little volcano’ whose ‘magma chamber’ is slowly filling and a build-up pressure wants to push the ‘magma of frustration and anger’ out.

Enjoy your stay on our website and feel free to send us any recommendations or suggestions.

I wish you a lot of fun with your children while doing some of the interesting and exciting things we have tried and learnt in our ‘Little Volcanoes’ Science Clubs. I hope your children continue to or become eager to learn everything new around them and question why things happen while trying some of our experiments. I believe they will be interested and motivated to learn as much as possible while having a lot of fun.

About me

Janka about

Hello there! My name is Janka. I am the founder of Little Volcanoes and an enthusiastic teacher with twenty years experience. I believe that every child can be taught almost anything when shown in the right way. I love being creative and discovering the imaginative inner self in every little soul I have ever taught.

Drama and Science have always been my favourite subjects, so I have decided to make an interesting blend and teach little children Science by using a bit of Drama (or Applied Theatre) and other creative and fun teaching methods.
If you too believe that learning can be fun, welcome to my world!

Some fun facts about me:

Born: In a small town below an extinct volcano (So they say!)
Eyes: Brown with green flashes (When the sun shines on me!)
Hair: Used to be brown…now…anything between brown and red (Depends on how a new hair dye comes out!)
Zodiac Sign: Leo (I certainly inherited some serious mane to maintain!)
Element: Fire (Burning in my heart…sometimes difficult to control!)
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon (Dragon people are apparently born leaders and masters in ceremonies…works till the moment my little daughter enters the room!)

Food: Almost everything (Don’t offer me snails, please.)
Weird fact: I like reading cooking recipes when I am hungry!
·         My family (Sound like a cliché but it is true…I was blessed with the best family in the world where the first place belongs to my beautiful little princess!)
·         Dancing and singing (Recently only in front of my mirror or in my classes)
janka Scientest ·         Theatre and performing (Any talent in me is down to genes from my amazing grandma and mum)
·         Teaching and being taught (Both are fun…I love being taught little discoveries by my daughter!)
·         Inventing new things/teaching materials (Took after my unbeatable DIY father)
·         Writing poetry and songs for children (There might be a book one day!)
·         Observing the world and people around me (Cannot decide what is more fun.)
·         Nature (Love everything living…well, except from those without legs and hands… snakes, maggots, worms and most caterpillars (colourful ones are exceptions!)
·         History (Castles and churches are my favourite as they have a special atmosphere where you can almost touch the past generations)
·         Cooking and baking (Own thousands recipes but usually open my fridge and cook from what I find inside it!)
·         Eating (Not only in order to survive)
·         Taking thousands of pictures of my daughter and everything exciting around me (As a result, I am a proud owner of hundreds CDs, DVDs and external memories!)

Some serious facts about me:

·         M.Ed Hon; Master of Education
(title PaedDr., Doctor of Pedagogy, in Europe)
·          PG Certificate in Professional Studies in Education

Work experience:
·         Trained primary teacher who have worked with 2-15 year old children in Europe and UK
·         20 years teaching experience with 2-16 year olds
·         EY and Primary Teacher
·         SENCO
·         Special Needs Teacher
·         Science Clubs creator and leader
·         Volunteer in ecological organisations