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On this page you can find out a lot about me…from the testimonials of the parents of the amazing children.

To find out more about what I used to do during my Science Club and what effect it had on my pupils please read through the following testimonials…

This science class is a must for fun and educational learning for kids! Janka is born to entertain and inspire children and has them engrossed with her energy and abilities to capture their imagination.
Even I get excited to discover new ways to explore science with simple household materials, she introduces a new topic every week and her songs are both utterly adorable and catchy!
Tried the first zoom lesson and her dedication to her passion shone through the screen and my very active three year old sat still and followed her instructions for the entire session.
Highly recommend, this class will birth a love of science and experimenting for both you and your child!

Kiri Skye, London, 2020

My son has been coming to Janka’s classes for almost a year now.
I was sceptical at first taking him at 2.5 as he is more energetic than patient, but from the first class he was hooked! He sits still and listens to Janka; and remembers everything he learns!
He’s always talking about science and it’s really ignited an early passion for science and the environment around him. I really hope his love of science continues! :)Janka and her classes are amazing!! Xx

Miriam Nettleship

Both my son (4) and daughter (6) attend Little Volcanoes Science Clubs.
Janka is the most fun & engaging teacher. Each week science is brought to life with hands on activities. Each lesson is well thought out & prepared, with a handout to help recreate experiments at home.
We love attending her class weekly & her workshops during half term. Highly recommend Janka & her wonderful club!

Lou Pwer McGovern

Fantastic science club and sessions.
My 5 and 4 year old children love every session they attend. Sessions are magical engaging and an excellent learning environment.
The teacher is sensational! I wish I had an ounce of her energy knowledge and passion. A must for all children!

Nazia Hussain Scott

Our now 7 year old daughter loves every Little Volcanoes Science workshop she attends (including a friend’s birthday party - by far the best and most engaging science party she’s been to!).
Janka is so warm and nurturing with the children and presents every topic in such an exciting and enthusiastic way, she’s an excellent teacher and really captures the children’s imagination! The children get to try out lots of experiments and different activities in groups and individually making the experience both educational and fun.
We would highly recommend Little Volcanoes Science sessions and parties - they’re fantastic and Janka is brilliant! Our daughter and her friends give it 5 stars, 10/10 and a huge thumbs up!

Gill C Ehlers

My 6 year old daughter has been attending Little Volcanoes for well over a year and she loves it. It’s really educational and she has learnt about all kinds of topics including space, volcanoes, geysers, materials, the human body etc. Janka presents the information in a really fun way and there are lots of hands-on activities too.
My daughter liked it so much I started taking my son too after he turned 2 and a half. He also really enjoys going every week and loves making volcanoes erupt and playing with the trays which have hands-on activities related to the topic each week.
Highly recommend Little Volcanoes as Janka is so fun, enthusiastic and passionate about science.

Julie Adlington

Our daughter’s been going to Little Volcanoes Science for nearly two years now and absolutely loves it.
Janka is amazing, original and she’s doing a great job coming up with interesting topics and experiments for the children all the time.
We also asked her to be an entertainer at our daughter’s birthday party two years in a row, both times she made our girl’s special day perfect. Thank you Janka!

Darina Simova

Janka is excellent at keeping children engaged, entertained while sharing amazing concepts with them at the same time.
I had several conversations with her about the general misconception that children have to be a certain age before they can begin to learn science. She is proving the opposite! Floating, density of things, photosynthesis, nature's wonders - like geysers or coral reefs, 'hot air rises, cold air sinks', nocturnal animals, the solar system.
I am always amazed by the things my child tells me after sessions. This is an excellent time for them to begin understanding these concepts. I am so happy to have this opportunity to expose my child to science at such an early age!

Petra Ivan

My son, 6yo, loves Little Volcanoes Science club. Every time he enjoys many experiments Janka prepares, and I love her ideas and passion about this club💕.
I can recommend this club to both boys and girls!

Ono Junko

As many parents will attest, your child's first year at school is a unique milestone and magical time alike, especially if you are as fortunate as we have been to have a teacher like Janka.
Maithili joined (XX) Nursery in 2006 and that first year with Janka was one filled with fun learning, a constant joyful exploration and investigation and the shaping of an inquisitive mind....

Science was present and accessible right from the beginning and when Janka set up a Science Club, Maithili was more than happy to join! Ten years later, we still fondly recall these happy times and occasionally delve into the files and boxes housing the many crafts, drawings and results of experiments that Janka so thoughtfully devised.
This is another significant quality of Janka: she is thoughtful at every turn, caring and nurturing - her regular correspondence to parents would be glowing with detail and pride at the children's achievements, however big or small. I cannot recommend her highly enough! If you would like to fire up your children's minds and foster in them a love of science, please look no further than Little Volcanoes Science Club.

Chetna Pittea, West London 2017

One of my favourite memories of Janka is from Science Club where we learned about bees and how they pollinate. We played a really fun game, using straws to suck and transfer flavoured liquids between cups to demonstrate this. Now, I am choosing my GCSE subjects and I will be picking all three sciences.

Maithili Pittea, January 2017

‘Janka is a truly outstanding teacher. Her professionalism, skills and conduct have exceeded our (high) expectations. Not only has she proved to be an experienced, diligent and conscientious teacher and carer, she has also brought the type of warmth to our daughter’s life that cannot be learned or acquired – she is a natural with children and our daughter has loved her from the start.’...

In January 2008, Janka devised, organised and successfully launched the first Science Club at (Nursery and Pre Prep School in London), an elective afternoon club for children from 3 years, aimed at bringing science to life through experiments and games. Notably, Janka set up all experiments herself, ensuring they were safe and easy for children to understand and participate in. She also provided children and parents with explanations of each experiment and instructions to replicate them at home.
In addition, Janka compiled a “science” file made up of colourful explanations of science facts, from weather phenomena and volcanoes to magnets. It is to Janka’s credit that Alexia is still passionate about everything scientific and declares her intention to become a scientist when she grows up.’
‘The outstanding achievement is that Janka has made science exciting at an age when little brains are still eager to explore the wonders of the world. She has shown her pupils that science is everywhere in everyday life, and has inspired them with her own curiosity. Her skills as a trained teacher enable her to explain complex phenomena in simple terms, while her genuine passion for science and her bubbly personality capture children’s imagination.’
Our daughter Alexia (3) has proudly shown us a “fossil” she made from a shell and clay, a working soda volcano and a bubble maker. She has explained to us how clouds make rain, why water and oil don’t mix, why magnets only stick to metal and what beans need to sprout, and transformed our kitchen into a laboratory for fizzy yeast, popping corn and watching capillary action in celery sticks.
These are topics usually reserved for older children in primary and secondary education, when they are dealt with in more academic terms. At a time when scientists are in short supply, I think Janka’s approach is far superior. Aged three, Alexia has developed an enduring enthusiasm for the Science Museum, model submarines and bean sprouts, and her understanding of the world around her is quite amazing. More importantly, she now devises her own experiments!
‘In addition to her ordinary school duties, Janka has created, organised and run a weekly after school "Science Club" for children aged 3-5, and it is specifically for her outstanding engagement in this club, as well as for her general qualities as a nursery teacher, that I think she should win this award (from the nomination letter for the ITV Teacher of the Year; Pride of Britain Awards 2009)

Irina von Wiese, London, 2010

"When my daughter Alexia was three years old, she attended Jana's science club as part of her day nursery schedule. A brilliant and enthusiastic teacher, Janka ignited in her little pupils a passion for the mysteries of the natural world.Almost 10 years later, Alexia remembers her first bicarbonate soda volcanoes with great fondness. Her early scientific quests have grown into academic interest, and physics and chemistry remain her favourite subjects. Janka has the ability to make science fun and exciting, and instil a life-long curiosity which I am sure will create a small legion of future scientists across the country.

Irina von Wiese, London, 2016

Janka has taught Science Club at …Nursery and Pre-Prep School in Kensington to my children, Felix (age 5) and Sofia (age 3), for the past two years. This afterschool club has been the activity they have most looked forward to at their school, week after week, term after term.
What makes Janka’s Science Club so popular is the effort she puts into creating a unique and thoughtful programme for the kids....

Every week Janka teaches the kids something innovative and relevant. For me, I know something has penetrated with my kids when they, without prompting, sit at the dinner table and talk about what they have learnt that day.
My kids post their Science Club handouts on the refrigerator and ramble about the Archimedes Principle; they proudly display their animal models and point out prisms in their water glasses; they ask if they can go to Mesopotamia to find clay tablets; they look up at the sky and wonder which bright light is Mars.
To hear our 3-year-old and 5-year old talk about these things is such a pleasure for my husband and I. Because of Janka, our kids are interested in Science, and aware of the world around them, in sophisticated and meaningful ways.
But teaching is not always about clever ideas. Janka has a wonderful, caring, nurturing way about her; and I see that around Janka children are relaxed, eager to perform, and ready to learn. She’s not just patient. She is also exacting and encouraging. Her students in Reception class are always engaged, always responsive, and very communicative.
Most importantly, they have smiles on their faces. They are happy and they are learning!

Virginia Rustique Petteni and Filipo Petteni, London, 2010

Janka was my son’s nursery teacher during 2008-2009. He was 3 years old then. Over the course of the year, I found Jana to be a fantastic teacher: caring and sweet with the children yet able to demonstrate firmness when necessary and always managing to shift their attention to the topic of the class.
The children were always encouraged to speak and reason by themselves. They learned a great deal of skills through doing and trying. The topics were varied and very educational (geography of the world, cooking, roleplays ...).
By the end of the year, he really knew all the letters of the alphabet and was keen to decipher words and start reading. He has also been passionate about geography since. Probably most of all, Janka improved his confidence....

My son also followed the optional Science Club which was very interesting. The children explored so many things, going from magnets, to volcanoes, circle of life, clouds/ rain/ snow, insects, and so on. Word of mouth did its magic and by January, the club was full and the waiting list was long…
A good proof of the impact that Jana had on our lives is that two years after, we still have “Art” that he did with Jana like the Chinese hat, the European map with every child’s country and specifics or the Pharaoh Mask.
My son left (Nursery and Pre Prep School in West London) in June that year and started Reception in a private school. He has been ahead for the whole year and I consider that Janka’s work is responsible for part of it.

Isabelle Vander Elst- Cherpion, London, 2010

Janka has great enthusiasm and positive energy when in the classroom. She is very innovative and always able to provide new activities full of challenge and very creative and together with her gentle manner the children thrive and develop in their cognitive, social and emotional domains.
Her classroom is always engaging, welcoming, creative and colourful and very inviting for both children and parents. Janka’s knowledge and skills of teaching are highly developed.
Janka’s planning; assessments, monitoring and reporting are detailed and comprehensive. She uses this information in a diagnostic way to design learning environment and opportunities to ensure further growth and development. ...

Janka is a dedicated person who gives of her best at all times. She is very welcoming and accommodating and is always mindful of the confidential, sensitive and professional nature of parent-teacher interactions. She is kind, trustworthy, honest, reliable and has very high standards in everything she does.
Janka was the SENCO (Special Educational Coordinator) for the last 5 years. She attended all relevant seminars and assisted the teachers and children respectively. She taught the science clubs which were a great success. Children and parents were extraordinarily happy with the level of Janka’s teaching and the children’s acquired knowledge.

Eleni T., London, 2010

‘I am so happy to hear and see your news and your beautiful family! You deserve the best.
We never forget you and Marya will always remember her favourite teacher… We wish you all the best in your new projec

Dania Rahmoun, London, 2016

‘Vanja and we always remember you - for how great teacher you were but also for your exceptional personality: warm, smart and kind! Vanja had so much fun during her science club. I would gladly recommend it.’

Ana Savic, London, 2016

"EXCELLENT & BEST TODDLER CLASS IN NORTH LONDON! My daughter Isla Rose has been attending the Little Volcanoes Science Club ‘Mini’ for all 3 terms this year from the age of 2. I have taken my daughter to a number of baby/toddler classes over the years but this class is by far the best class she has attended in terms of the quality of teaching and the learning & development she has got from the class....

My daughter comes home from her classes full of chat from what she learned in her class and the other day took a (ball) globe in her hand and said “Mummy it’s the earth and pointed to the blue part and said and this is all water”! The class is really good value for money and it’s all go from the beginning to start – I am amazed at how much energy Janka has and she just has this amazing style of capturing the children’s minds and getting them to participate and engage. I was looking to increase my daughters nursery hours next term but have decided instead to carry on with these classes as they are simply invaluable for my daughters learning & development and getting her ready for reception/school. Highly recommended!"

Dinta Rawson, London

"Toby, 3, & Xavier, 5, attended little volcanoes together each week. They both thoroughly enjoyed going each week and everyday asked if it was science day today. Janka has such passion and enthusiasm for her job, the kids loved her. They learned so much while having fun. Sadly we moved overseas and will miss Little Volcanoes."

Danielle Kwong, Melbourne, Australia

This is the most amazing activity for children (and their grown ups)!
My 3 year old goes to a weekly class and has learnt so many concepts whilst playing and conducted incredible experiments.
My 4 year old went to day camp this half term and hasn’t stopped talking about it! Professor Janka has a rare gift and is truly inspirational.

Louise Smith

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